Wide pile of suggestions

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Wide pile of suggestions

Post by TheHipsterDodo on Fri Nov 27, 2015 4:39 pm

So, i know the server started like 36 hours before posting this and i know there are a lot of things in your worklist, but i thought that maybe these little suggestion may become usefull:

-Rp names: Realistic RP names could seem like an fun addition, by realistic i mean you can have your name as something exotic like ''Leonardo McDodo'' can help admins to !goto people, and also make the server look better. For example if a kid who is named ''XxX_FnafHentaiMaster_xXx69'' came to rob new people, it would give the expression that our server has really inmature players thus unlikeable.

-Food system: This could prevent people just sitting in their bases and afkin with thief 24/7 and force them actually to go outside. Also this could bring two new jobs: Restraunt Owner/chef or Bartender(?). Cause the people are forced to go outside and the chef seems like an nobrainer to make money, why wouldn't people play them?

-Guard Job: Pretty Simple, guys wich can be hired to protect a house, a player or an shop. They would spawn with low armor (25-50) and have access to an shitty pistol or something.

-Adding more fall damage: It's just really not RP in any shape or form that you can jump from 6th floor of an building and survive to get away from the police.

-QuarterMaster NPC:
This could allove to police be to be on the top of the game against the criminals, just like in real life!

-Sitting: I have seen this in a lot of servers. You just press Alt + E to sit on surfaces, Ez seats, ez life.

So that was kinda all i had today, thanks for coming folks, and please, discuss about these suggestions on replys down there VVVV


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Re: Wide pile of suggestions

Post by Kroka on Fri Nov 27, 2015 6:52 pm

Good ideas. A few are already in the process of being implemented.

Fall damage will be fixed next restart along with the addition of a guard job.

Thanks Dodo.


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Re: Wide pile of suggestions

Post by portello on Mon Nov 30, 2015 3:21 pm

dodo for live


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Dear Mista' Portello,

Post by Vito Scaletta on Tue Dec 22, 2015 4:57 pm

Dear Mista' Portello,
I recently had made some simila' recommendations ta' the serva', if I have known ya' had already posted some simila' ones I would have just checked this! They were fixin' ta' add the role-play names, although it caused some issues and it is bein' worked on right now. The Food Systems have not been added, although I have recommended a simila' add on in my own suggestion topic. The Guard Job has been released and has been makin' some maja' profit, ya' recommendation was taken, and for that I congratulate you. The fall damage has been fixed as well, and there is a Police Exam now! Howeva', sittin' has not been added, although I hope fa' that as well! Best of luck on otha' suggestions bein' taken!
-Vittorio Antonio "Vito" Scaletta

Vito Scaletta

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Re: Wide pile of suggestions

Post by SystemsOverload on Tue Dec 29, 2015 11:44 pm

big no-no to sitting, i know of the exploits with it Wink

(the servers with it went around the exploit by editing other things rather than just not having it)

but if anyone can figure of a way to stop the exploits easily without breaking other stuff, ill be happy to vote a + for it Smile


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Re: Wide pile of suggestions

Post by Sponsored content

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